Russian technologies against COVID -19

Disinfection robot MedBot M-304 automatically disinfects indoor air during the day and completely disinfects all surfaces at night.
Robotic systems
Include four modifications and are designed to diagnose patients health status, conduct remote monitoring and counseling, help bed-bound patients, monitor hospital regulations, distribute medicines and food, disinfect rooms, support and improve the morale of patients.
MedBot M-201
For remote diagnosis of patients health status.
1. Patients' recognition and analysis of their health status with data recording in their electronic cards.

2. Advanced telemedicine technologies: remote consultation of a doctor, "Third Opinion", emergency call.

3. Support the morale of patients by providing an opportunity for remote communication with loved ones and providing entertaining content.

4. Disinfection of rooms.
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MedBot M-302
For distribution of medicines and food, disinfection.
1. Autonomous movement from the place of distribution to a hospital room/patient. Patients' recognition using special software.

2. Access to electronic database of patients, distribution of medicines according to bills of electronic cards.

3. Delivery of food according to patients' diet prescribed in medical electronic cards.

4. Disinfection of rooms.
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MedBot M-303
For help to bed-bound patients and disinfection.
1. Patients' recognition using special software. Access to electronic database of patients.

2. Personal delivery of medicines for bed-bound patients according to their electronic cards. Personal delivery of food according to patients' diet.

3. Help to bed-bound patients. Taking of detailed patients' health status information using contact method.

4. Disinfection of the room.
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MedBot M-304
For disinfection of

1. Disinfection of rooms using ultraviolet lamps.

2. Ability to work in the presence of people.

3. Autonomous movement in a medical facility, with a possibility of setting the route of movement, duration of work, intervals at work.

4. Ease of setting up the system through a special application.
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